We provide business-specific data collection, MES and ERP software services.

A) Productivity: The main productivity section where data such as quantity, cycle, number of turns, number, stop minute, working time, shift duration, cycle, speed, machine efficiency, personnel efficiency and similar data are collected.

B) Energy Monitoring Systems: Monitoring electricity, natural gas, water consumption, air consumption information by shift and machine, which can work with A in the project.

C) Technical analysis: Failure information received directly from the machines, important predictive maintenance information and similar warning signals We design your projects with our software experts. As Mitsubishi and Beckhoff integrators, we build our infrastructure in projects.

BOYİZ Dyehouse-knitting monitoring and performance control system

ÖRİZ, Knitting Performance Control program It is MES software that monitors the following information in knitting enterprises. Machine Working Hours, Downtime, Personnel and Machine Efficiency, Shift Book, Spare Parts Tracking System, Maintenance and Repair Tracking System, Turnover Monitoring

BOYAİZ Dyehouse that directly monitors the operating information of the machines and provides performance control in RAM, Sanfor, raising, flat, shaving, drying and similar machines in dyehouses. It reports the operating data of the machines in the fields of efficiency, energy and technical control.


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DOKUİZ Woven ERP production tracking and monitoring system

DOKUİZ yarn warehouse, offer, technical analysis, order, planning, beam, sizing planning, beam and sizing machine performance monitoring, weaving machine performance monitoring, quality control machine performance monitoring, warehouse operations, chemical warehouse operations. DOKUIZ is an integrated ERP and machine monitoring system for weaving mills.


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METALIZ Bakelite machines monitoring and performance control system

METALIZ is a monitoring system software that stores and reports information on working times, numbers, performance information, and downtimes for all lines in Bakelite facilities.


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